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​​​Discover the Effective Dialogue of Intimacy

The average person wastes half of their time communicating to others on debate and arguments. Stop throwing your life away on ineffective communication methods by learning how to effectively dialogue with people. You can literally save precious time and achieve your dreams faster and easier than ever before.

Thank you so much for your guidance and care these last four sessions have saved our marriage from falling apart and now we need to do the work to keep it together. The madness has stopped. YOU HAVE SAVED US!


Irvine, CA

We used to argue and resent each other constantly without really any good reason. Life was stressful with four kids, two jobs, and in-laws. Now, after learning the Effective Dialogue of Intimacy (which took us a good 6 months to practice & master), we are at peace. Thanks, Dr. G, for helping us achieve the seemingly unachievable! We are so HAPPY now ;).


Laguna Niguel, CA

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