Why relationship harmony training?

Many people report the relationship between them and their romantic partner is the most important purpose, source of comfort, reason to live, and meaningful engagement in their lives. Many people’s experiences in life stem from their witnessing another primary romantic relationship growing up, namely that of their parents.

Their parents are extremely important to them as they are the source of everything from birth to significant memories, skills, and values in a person’s making. This parental role is also one of the most meaningful and profound parts of the identify of anyone who has kids.

The successful fulfillment of this parental role hinges primarily on having a healthy, effective, and exemplary relationship with one’s romantic partner. Our children learn from us just by observing our decision and interactions.

The Question is

Do you feel that the quality of your interactions between you and your partner is at an utmost satisfactory level for you to know deep down you both are setting the best examples for your children?

Many people derive their primary strength, joy, energy, and happiness from their primary meaningful relationship with their spouse. That is the source that gives them the support and affirmation they need to grapple with life’s daily challenges including:

  • Financial Problems
  • Career Challenges
  • Raising Children
  • Dealing with the In-laws
  • Tackling Business and Legal Problems
  • Even Overcoming Health Issues

The Question is

Do you regard your relationship with your spouse as the source as supportive and strong enough to deal with life’s otherwise mundane, yet troubling problems?

Many people, especially in the beginning stages of a romantic relationship, feel unsure and may even become frantic or panic at times in light of needing, wanting, or having to commit to the person they are dating, are passionate about, living with for a while, or considering marrying some time in the future. 

The sense of uncertainty and indecisiveness is eating away at them and they just can’t figure out how to make that leap and make the commitment, fearing they may waste a good part of their life on the wrong person.

The Question is

Are you wondering, too? And more importantly, are you looking for an answer or a method that would help you make that significant and life changing decision once and for all?

Many people, especially in the later stage of intimate partnerships, come across very painful phases and life changing events, such as separation from family members, loss of people they care about, financial distress, career setbacks, major health concerns, affairs, sexual problems, domestic violence, etc. When they start questioning the foundation of their partnership and with that foundation on shaky ground, start questioning the meaning & purpose of their own existence, life, and happiness.

The Question is

Are you going through such a life changing event right now and can’t fathom there is light at the end of this tunnel you find yourself in? Are you becoming desperate, depressed, disillusioned, feel exhausted, overwhelmed, question many things about yourself or others, question life and your standing in life at this time and place?

What is the impact of your partner on you? And what’s the impact of your existential crisis on your partner or those around you?

As you may glance from the examples above, life can be an amazingly joyful as well as painful experience. It really depends on our innate talents, learned skills, internal (belief, intellect, emotions, soul) & external (interactions, behaviors, relatedness) resource management, and taking actions, very specific, goal directed actions toward experiencing more joy than pain. A major part of that experience resides in, stems from, is predicated upon, is entangled with, and resolves in romantic, intimate partnerships.

My message to you is that it is entirely up to you and the position you're taking in a partnership that defines the quality and outcome of that investment. Take charge of this most important aspect of your life and don’t leave it up for chance or luck!

Contact me now or attend a seminar in order to take the reins of your happiness in your hands and direct it toward the goals you want to accomplish. True happiness is right around the corner, if you know where to look and how to navigate toward it.