About Dr. G

Dr. G

About Dr. G

Ehsan Gharadjedaghi, Psy.D. (Dr. G) received his Doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology in 2009 at the American School for Professional Psychology. He finished his post-doctoral fellowship at the Department of Mental Health, Youth Resources Center, Central, Long Beach Family Resource Center, and the Adelante and Miramar Recovery Centers, Newport Beach, CA. His dissertation and post-doctoral research focused on understanding, processing, and resolving therapy impasses for emerging and established therapists.

On a personal level, Dr. G is tri-lingual (Persian, German, English), multi-ethnic, and has lived, studied, and worked in numerous countries. He is married to a wonderful lady of Vietnamese origin, with whom he has a very intelligent, beautiful go-getter of a daughter, a future attorney in training. He enjoys swimming, dancing, learning more and more, and traveling.

In terms of clinical experience, Dr. G has worked with at-risk youth on probation and in high school educational settings, HIV affected populations (HIV+ and related spouses and family members), substance and sex addiction clients, trauma and domestic violence clients, the elderly, and couples suffering from emotional and sexual problems.

As far as clinical, therapeutic approach, Dr. G is an existential therapist who specifically enjoys couples and family therapy with a focus on Meditation, Gestalt therapy, Emotion Focused Therapy, Process Experiential Therapy, Object Relations and Self Psychology, and Advanced Experiential Dynamic psychotherapy. He frequently incorporates scientific models from neuropsychology in order to help his clients understand and manage their lives in a more holistic, realistic, and practical way.

Dr. G has taught at American School of Professional Psychology, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, and the University of Phoenix. He has been named a Distinguished Professor for his outstanding contribution to student learning and sits on a few dissertation committees as a regular member or chair. Dr. G also has served on the Board of Advisors in the Master’s in Counseling Psychology Program (MACP) at American School of Professional Psychology and on the Mental Health Board of Orange County.

Between 2014 and 2019, Dr. G founded a substance abuse treatment center providing a full continuum of care from detoxification to intensive outpatient programming which at its peak included operations over six locations, 80+ staff members, and 70+ clients. Since 2012, he as also served as the Executive Director of Norooz Clinic Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, a community mental health center in Orange County, CA, which provides affordable wellness programs for the public as well as internship opportunities for aspiring therapists. 

Furthermore, as part of his effort to reduce stigma around mental health, Dr. G has also founded and produced for TherapyCable.com, an online streaming media provider that aims at providing all-inclusive, open access to therapy to anyone, at any time, and anywhere. He also consults with SocialtyPro, a social media marketing & strategy development company to help professionals maximize their use of social media in advancing their careers and helping people.

Today Dr. G works as a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in private practice while maintaining a consulting position at MyPost, LLC, a research and consulting firm with a specialty in continuing research on various topics including addiction, multiculturalism, communication, online gaming, and sexual dimorphism.

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